Qoya is a movement system based on the idea that through movement, we remember

How would it feel to connect with your body, knowing that you have the power to shift your energy?  To dance in a way that feels good, knowing there is no way you can do it wrong.


Through movement, we remember.

We remember our essence is inherently wise, wild and free.
Wise, wild and free draw reference to the movement forms we invoke so that we may remember.
Wise honors the traditions of yoga, meditation, and contemplative practices that reconnect us to our inner wisdom.
Wild draws reference from the authentic expression available to us through dance when we let go of inhibition and performance and instead move in a way that expresses how we feel.
Free empowers us to claim each movement as a choice and expand our capacity to choose the movements that are the most pleasurable and nourishing to us.

While supporting all those around you, have you forgotten what it feels like to be you?

You feel like you’re repeating the same tasks, the same movements, the same things each day.

You would love to remember what it feels like to be you again.

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Qoya means Queen in Quechuan (an indigenous language used by shamans in South America).
Not an emotionally distant bejeweled figure who holds a position of inherited power, but Queen that translates as “a female manifestation of higher consciousness.”

In other words – you!

Rochelle Schieck

Movement is the quickest, most effective way to tap into your body’s wisdom.  A way to connect back to the feeling of who you really are.

Like the sound of it, and want to know more?

Based on 13 pillars, each class is individually themed to guide you through the process of connecting with your body, coming together in circle with the others in the class to share the experience.

The music is carefully chosen to embody the theme of the class and take you on a journey.

Through the experience of Qoya you learn that you can shift emotions, change your vibration and understand better how your body holds your feelings.

Each time you try Qoya it is a different experience.

Gather with friends

Have you ever been to a kids party and thought, hang on, why do they get to have all the fun!

How about if you could create some of that for you and your friends?

Well here’s your chance.

No, not the 30 screaming kids bit!

A time with your friends, a time to connect and share, and a time to move your body and dance in a way that feels good!

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Limited offer

I’m still training, so for a limited number of classes I’m offering you the opportunity to have a personalised Qoya class for free.

How does it work?

  • Gather a group of friends together
  • Find a venue that you can all have space to move
  • Discuss and agree a theme with me and I will create a bespoke playlist
  • Arrange a date together
  • Come along with open hearts

All I ask is you give me feedback on how you enjoyed the class and I’d hugely appreciate a testamonial that I can share.