Learn and understand methods for yourself that you can also use with your child to help cope with anxiety, self esteem and overwhelm

Sharing the tools to support your child and you while you navigate the celebrations and challenges of everyday life.

Your world changing overnight when you became a parent can feel overwhelming.  From the experience of birth to finding yourself seeing the world through a new set of eyes.

Realising that your own perception of the world now looks different, as well as responding to a mini human who has their whole own set of ways to deal with the world.

That moment you realise you’re raising a new life but feel like you’ve lost your own way and don’t even really know who you are any more.

Throw in to the mix the sensitivity of a child who sees, feels and experiences the world and all it’s energy with full force.

When all of these things start to add up and you see your child doubting themselves, you question your own parenting, the world can feel very lonely.

Know that, you are not alone.

I look forward to working with you and sharing the tools I have put together to support your child and you while you navigate the celebrations and challenges of raising little people who see and feel the world in very different ways.


Take time for you while also gaining an understanding of how you can support your child through the power of movement.

Experience the connection with your body through movement and align with your true essence.

This is your opportunity to get a group of friends together and experience embodied connection.


Priorities your own self care so you can better support those around you.

Reiki is a complementay therapy using ancient Energy Healing technique originiating from Japan.

It is a gentle, supportive and non-invasive form of treatment that works alongside other medical and therapeutic techniques.