Finding Alignment: 5 Summer Self-Care Tips for Parents

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Time to Breathe

I hear you, the thought of taking time to breathe in the Summer holidays, let alone making time for self care feels like a bit of a mission, if not an impossible task.

Firstly, please know you are not alone in feeling a whole world of emotions right now and while for some, a break in routine is a huge relief and time for a break, for some the break in routine presents a huge amount of challenges that you really wonder if anyone else actually understands!

Balancing the tension between the love for spontaneity and a genuine need for familiar routine, in a family of four, has been an ongoing challenge of the parenting journey I have been on since the school holiday rollercoaster began!

Energy Healing

Since I began to understand and train in energy healing I have developed a number of tools for my own self care which are now the foundations of my daily life.

I am sharing five tips to beginning to incorporate some of these practices into your daily life which I hope will help add a few moments of calm in the weeks ahead:

1. Begin by noticing the energy around you:

Take a moment to become aware of the energy around you. If I asked you what the vibe in the room was like, what would you answer?
Don’t judge the answer that comes to you, just gently observe.
The energy of the people, objects and environment around us can have a real impact on how we’re feeling and learning to notice that is the first step to being able to protect your own energy.

2. Take a moment to connect with your body:

Self-awareness is an important part of supporting your own energy and connecting with your body is a powerful way to develop that awareness. Take a moment to bring your attention inward and again without judgement, begin to notice how your body feels.

3. Bring focus to your breath:

Your breath is an invaluable tool for connecting with a calmer vibration. Notice the rhythm and depth of your breath.
Take a slow deep breath in through your nose and allow your abdomen to expand.
Then exhale slowly, releasing any tension you are holding in your body. Focus on this slow breath to help calm your mind, regulate your nervous system, and increase your overall sense of regulation.

4. Move your body:

Physical movement is an effective way to release stuck energy in your body.
Stand up and begin to move your body in a rhythm that feels good.
If you have a chance to, pop on a favourite song and starting with your hands and arms…. Shake!
Take the movement through your body, into your legs and down to your feet.
This simple movement helps to awaken your body, release tension, and invigorate your energy.
Warning: this movement can become contagious and an accidental family kitchen dance party could follow (alternatively, being told you’re an embarrassment, but trust me, go with it!)

5. Visualise a light inside you:

Take a moment and imagine a light glowing within you at your heart centre or any area of your body that resonates with you.
As you breathe in, visualise this light growing brighter and more vibrant. With each exhale expand the light to fill your body.
Developing this practice is a way to strengthen your energetic field, like a shield of loving, calm light. As you visualise this light filling your body and beyond, you can begin to see how this prevents any external negative energy entering your space.

Approach with self kindness

Please remember that self-care is a deeply personal journey, unique to each individual. I share these ideas with love and the understanding that everyone’s needs and circumstances are different.

Approach the holidays with self-kindness and free of self-judgement, allowing yourself the grace to make mistakes, learn from them and move forward from that place of light in your heart.

Mother of the Spiritual Child xxx