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The Awakening Festival of Wellbeing, Self Care & Connection

24 & 25 September 2022 Northwood House, Cowes, Isle of Wight

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The Awakening is a soulful weekend of wellbeing that has all the feels of retreat blended with a lot of love & festival vibes

Join for the Saturday, or for the full weekend—the choice is yours.

Book your tickets now: www.awakeningfestival.co.uk

The Awakening is the ultimate breathing space away from your everyday routines & responsibilities. It’s the chance to pause, reflect & connect back to the fullest essence of you.

Through a carefully curated experience for everything you could ever need to don that much-needed oxygen mask and fill your cup with delicious self care.

Enjoy over 50 different wellbeing workshops on the Saturday, including inspiring talks, yoga and movement, meditation and mindfulness, conscious living conversations, holistic therapies and so much more to help you fill up your wellbeing cup and reinvigorate mind, body and soul.

Join the glitterati with the Glitter Party and get on down with Yoga Rave, Peri-Peri Menopausal Musical Comedy Performance, Well-Me-Oke (Mass Wellbeing Karaoke Experience) & the Ultimate Feel-Good Dance Battle Soulful Silent Disco

Book your tickets now: www.awakeningfestival.co.uk

My Journey

I use crystals in my everyday life both for myself, with my family and in my work.

I combine crystals with Reiki healing working with my intuition to lay crystal grids. Through intention setting I uses crystal grids to create harmony at home, focussing on the energy around emotions, self esteem and anxiety.

I am mum to my two young boys, on a parenting journey with my husband. Crystals and energy work are very much a part of our family and the boys are a huge part of my inspiration, learning and motivation to follow my life purpose.

Book your tickets now: www.awakeningfestival.co.uk

The Workshop

I am incredibly excited to be facilitating this session to take you on a journey of creating a crystal grid.

I will be introducing you to the basics of understanding how to work with crystals, connecting to your intuition, bringing you back to the trust in yourself and grounding you in the natural world before collectively placing crystals in a central grid that will bring together the collective energy of the group.

The crystal grid will be added to throughout the day as the sessions progress to harness the powerful energy of the sessions taking place in the Journey Sessions space.

It’s going to be all kinds of magic.

Event Details and Tickets

The Awakening Festival of Wellbeing, Self Care & Connection takes place at Northwood House on the beautiful Isle of Wight across the weekend of 24 & 25 September 2022.

Your ticket for The Awakening includes all workshops and sessions, and is available now at www.awakeningfestival.co.uk