About Me

Sharing a little of the journey that took me to becoming Mother of the Spiritual Child

Raising two little men, so completely different to each other, means you find out a whole lot about yourself too!

Hi, I’m Marie.

Mum to two boys, parenting alongside my husband as we navigate raising a Neurodivergent and a Neurotypical kid in a world full of expectations and conformity.

Having spent the majority of my own life conforming in a world where I never quite felt like I fitted in, feeling like the only way to be accepted was to do things the way everyone else did and the way I was expected to, motherhood presented me with a challenge, taking me out of every comfort zone I had previously created.

What I’ve learnt on this journey is that I get to show up as me.  The wonderfully weird, totally me, Me.

As we walk this journey by our boys sides, I’ve discovered the confidence to raise them to be able to be their true selves too.

Before becoming a mother my life had very different priorities.

My life had revolved around my Project Management career.  I thrived on the pressure and worked hard.  I was very much ruled by my head, and knew little about understanding the connection with my body.

When we decided to have children, I didn’t change any of that mindset.  I sadly experienced a number of miscarriages and instead of taking the time to heal, I threw myself further into work and further away from listening to my body.

Then our first little man came along, arriving a month early, and as if by accident changing my life there and then.

I was abruptly whisked out of the familiarity of my corporate job and put on a rollercoaster ride like nothing I had remotely been prepared for.

I very quickly learned that everything I thought I knew about myself could change in the space of a day and everything new I was about to be taught about myself was going to be taught by him.

He was a force that no amount of parenting books could have prepared me for.

When our second son arrived, I thought I was prepared.

Turns out though, they arrive with a little trick up their sleeves;  they have completely and utterly their own characters, and everything you thought you had learned flies out the window.

As I settled into Motherhood I became more unsettled in myself.

Not really knowing who I was any more.  Suddenly conforming made me feel discomfort in everything and both my physical and mental health suffered.

18 months into parenting two, unwell but still smiling, I broke.

I hid behind a well practised facade of a smile, pretending everything was ok, until one day, a truly wonderful friend asked a very honest, “Are you ok?” and I burst into tears and for the first time in my life answered “No!”

Now we’re parenting two little men, 2.5 years apart in age and both a hilarious blend of my husband and myself. Our lives revolve a lot around juggling the need for order and routine versus the love of spontaneous adventures.

Becoming a Mother started me on a journey.

I realised I had a path I needed to follow, I had a purpose and I needed to live an authentic life.

With the foundations of 20 years experience as a Project Manager, the journey of parenthood and the experiences of learning to connect with my body and heart, energy work, crystals and the medicine of movement are now at the heart of how I live, and what I am here to teach and share.

My boys have been and are still my biggest challenge and my best teachers.

They have taught me to be authentic, connect to my body and live life from my heart.

So here I am meeting you now, having learnt that breaking apart was my opportunity to learn, grow, heal and share my learnings.

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