You may not know it, but you have a light inside you. It's always been there, but somewhere along the way you forgot about it. Now you get to shine that light again.

Inside us all lives a light. It was inside you as a child. It's still inside you as a parent. It's inside the children you are raising.

As you’ve got older, as your life has got busier, as the world of technology has taken you further away from your connection with yourself, you have might have lost sight of that light or been aware of how it started to dim.

So much in our modern world is now designed to help you. To make things faster and easier. Ensure that you have the answers, reactions and interactions are at you fingertips in an instant.

But in that ease it’s easy to forget the benefits of taking it slow.

It’s easy to listen to the opinions of others instead of connecting to your own intuition.

It’s easy to watch others as they appear to shine bright instead of focusing on shining your own bright light yourself.

What if you could connect with that light again?

How would it feel to better understand what it is that lights you up.  Be able to notice the energy around you and how that impacts your own reaction rising and mirror calm to your child.   Better understand that energy and notice your own emotional responses and those of your childs?

Begin to take time for yourself and in doing so learn new tools for yourself and tools you can share with your family.

My Mission

I am absolutely passionate about supporting parents in learning about the energy in the world around us, so that we can support the next generation we are raising.

The ones who don’t feel heard, the ones who feel different, the ones who don’t align with the expectations of the education system, the ones who connect with their intuition but don’t feel confident in trusting it.

I aim to share the wisdom so that you can understanding your own inner strength and you too can pass that on.


Honouring the need to take some time for yourself is one of those vital parts of parenting that’s so easy to overlook.

The draw to put everyone else first, getting lost in the overwhelm of a hectic life or simply overlooking your body’s call to slow down can result in the feeling of being stuck.

The good news is that you don’t need to stay that way, and you don’t need to do it alone.

I offer a range of services and events that aim to help you create a toolkit of support that you can access, both for yourself and by yourself.


Priorities your own self care so you can better support those around you.

Reiki is a complementay therapy using ancient Energy Healing technique originiating from Japan.

It is a gentle, supportive and non-invasive form of treatment that works alongside other medical and therapeutic techniques.

Marie doing Qoya outdoors


Take time for you while also gaining an understanding of how you can support your child through the power of movement.

Experience the connection with your body through movement and align with your true essence.

This is your opportunity to get a group of friends together and experience embodied connection.